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Venous Insufficiency / Varicose Veins

Venous insufficiency is a disease that incorporates a wide range of symptoms. Some patients have asymptomatic varicose veins while others complain of pain in their legs or have ulcers with or without pain.

Most commonly, patients complain of pain and swelling in his or her legs after long periods of standing or at the end of the day. This is relieved by rest and leg elevation. Often patients have varicose veins which can sometimes become painful although this is not always present. Discoloration can also occur with darkening of the skin on the lower legs. Venous insufficiency is caused by abnormal blood flow in certain veins in the legs.

Interventional Radiology Specialists, Inc. offers minimally invasive treatments for venous insufficiency. The most common procedure is endovenous laser ablation (EVLA). In this procedure, a small needle stick is made in the upper calf or lower thigh, and a small tube or catheter is inserted into the abnormal vein and a laser is advanced through the catheter. Next, fluid and anesthetic are administered around the vein with several small needle sticks. The laser is then activated and withdrawn. This irritates and burns the internal lining of the vein which stops blood flow through the vein.

In addition to EVLA, sclerosant or an irritant can be administered into smaller veins. Similarly, this damages the lining of the vein and stops the blood flow through the vein. These techniques provide substantial improvement in symptoms. The procedure is performed on an out patient basis, and patients are discharged home the same day as the procedure.

We also offer cosmetic treatment of varicose veins and spider veins.

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